ISO 27001:2022 Consultancy

  • ISMS protection from cyber crime and natural disaster
  • Financial, reputation damage prevention
  • Information asset risk controls, GDPR compliant
  • ISMS protection from cyber crime and natural disaster
  • Financial, reputation damage prevention
  • Information asset risk controls, GDPR compliant

ISO 27001 information security

Tender pre qualification frequently requires certification against ISO 27001:2022

Implementing an information security management system or ISMS brings tangible benefits to an organization including continuity of business and stakeholder confidence.

ISO 27001 certification demonstrates to stakeholders that your organization is committed to the effective control of its information and data.

An effective ISMS enables your organization to secure information, this might include financial data, intellectual property, commercially sensitive  data, employee details or information entrusted to you by third parties.

An ISO 27001:2022 ISMS built with our help will significantly reduce the likelihood information incidents often illegal resulting in data loss, service outages and lost business.

By applying ISO 27001:2022, your organization will demonstrate the identification of risks and applicable risk controls referenced by an individually tailored risk treatment plan.

Supplemented by ISO 27701, compliance can further demonstrate conformity to privacy control best practice and GDPR regulatory requirements.

Cybercrime, breaches of GDPR regulations are damaging, directly impacting reputations, financial performance and stakeholder confidence.

Because of our ever increasing reliance on secure data, information security is a vital requirement for both organizations and stakeholders.

Loss, unauthorised disclosure and corruption of data frequently can be expensive resulting in potential fines and in some cases business closure.

An effective ISO 27001 system built with our help will provide stakeholder confidence that your organization applies effective information controls.

Augmented with ISO 27701 your ISO 27001 ISMS can also provide effective controls compliant with GDPR regulations


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ISO 27001 consultants 

Selecting the right consultant for your ISO 27001 ISMS build will result in effective information security and a great return on investment.

Effective ISO 27001 consultants differentiate themselves by demonstrating effective skills, experience and competencies developed across various business sectors and challenging situations.

Our ISO 27001 consultants have the ability to adapt to the variable demands relating to regulatory requirements, risk treatment planning, confidentiality protocols, IT systems, customer requirements, interested parties, associated products and services. 

Our ISO 27001 consultants are ISMS experts. During the ISMS build your ISO 27001 consultant will coach and encourage your team enabling them to maximise the effect of your new system. 


Our ISO 27001 consultants are characterised by the following

1. Confidence backed up by qualifications, experience and a proven track record in effective ISO 27001:2013 implementation

2. Persistent in the pursuit of client improvement objectives

3. GDPR knowledgeable including ISO 27701

4. IT savvy and able to work with IT professionals

5. Good listening skills - they listen first and talk later

6. Can get new ideas across to the client

7. Collaborative leadership style when providing ISO 27001 advice, able to integrate with the client's team

8. Flexible and adaptable when faced with challenging information security issues or situations

9. Skilled in problem-solving and able to demonstrate the benefits of effective root cause analysis

10. Qualified ISO 27001 systems auditor, registered as a lead auditor or recognised as competent across a range of EA coded business sectors by leading UKAS accredited certification bodies

11. Proficient in “risk-based thinking” and able to demonstrate “risk-based approaches" including information risk treatment plan creation

12. A team player able to generate enthusiasm amongst the client team

13. Always learning and seeking improved ways of doing things

14. Maintains continued professional development (CPD) and ahead of ISMS changes and developments 


Our ProActive ISO 27001 Guarantee

We have a 100% first time client certification record for ISO 27001 

Providing your team is fully committed to information security, capable and enthusiastic, ISO 27001 certification is guaranteed using our combined ISO 27001 consultancy and ProActive services.

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