ISO 27001

  • ISMS protection from cyber crime and natural disaster
  • Financial, reputation damage prevention
  • Information asset risk controls, GDPR compliant

ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001:2013 is the international standard for information security management. The standard outlines the requirements for an information security management system or ISMS. An effective ISO 27001 system enables your organization to secure information such as financial data, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to you by third parties. Well designed ISO 27001 systems  reduce the likelihood of illegal or inappropriate access and information loss.

In applying ISO 27001, your organization can demonstrate the identification of risks associated with the loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. It can also demonstrate conformity to information governance, best practice and regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, in place from May 2018. This proves to those with interest that information security is integral to your overall business process.

With cybercrime and computer hacking a daily hazard. Recent high-profile cases have proven financially damaging to organizations directly impacting customer/client confidence and reputations. As our ability to capture and store information across various devices increases, the importance of securing our information becomes more critical.

Loss or corruption of data can be caused by poor practices, theft, mismanagement or natural disasters. Rectifying the loss, theft or corruption of information can be expensive and in some cases, where the information is critical to the survival of the business, can lead to its final demise.

An effective ISO 27001 system provides confidence to your stakeholders that you are applying effective controls to protect information assets.


ISO 27001 consultancy offers vary considerably in quality, value and effectiveness. Consultancy selection is critical to the effectiveness of your ISO 27001 ISMS. Selecting the right consultant means your system will rapidly begin to provide security for your information assets.

Great ISO 27001 consultants differentiate themselves through effective skills, real life experience and competences developed across various business sectors and challenging situations. They possess the ability to adapt to the variable demands often presented by risk treatment, established confidentiality protocols, IT systems, customer requirements, interested parties, associated products and services.

Our ISO 27001 consultants are experts in the delivery of ISMS certification. During the system build your ISO 27001 consultant will coach and encourage your team enabling them to get the most out of your new ISMS.

Services provided by our ISO consultants are defined by the following traits and skills;

ü  Confidence backed up by qualifications, experience and a proven track record in effective ISO 27001:2013 implementation

ü  Persistent in the pursuit of client improvement objectives

ü  GDPR knowledgeable

ü  IT savvy and able to work with IT professionals

ü  Good listening skills - listens first, talks later

ü  Can get new ideas across to the client

ü  Collaborative leadership style when providing ISO 27001 advice, able to integrate with the client's team

ü  Flexible and adaptable when faced with challenging information security issues or situations

ü  Skilled in problem solving and able to demonstrate the benefits of effective root cause analysis

ü  Qualified ISO 27001 systems auditor, registered as a lead auditor or recognised as competent across a range of EA coded business sectors by leading UKAS accredited certification bodies

ü  Proficient in “risk based thinking” and able demonstrate “risk based approaches" to information treatment plans

ü  A team player able to generate enthusiasm amongst the client team

ü  Always learning and seeking improved ways of doing things

ü  Maintains continued professional development (CPD) and ahead of ISMS change


ISO 27001 ISMS benefits

When it comes to protection of information a clear case can easily be made for prevention as opposed the inevitable cyber-attack or information incident. By implementing an effective security management system based on ISO 27001:2013, your organization will benefit from a proven set of management controls and procedures reducing information related risks and potential disruption.

Achieving ISO 27001 certification involves a process that will identify and assess potential risks from a range of incidents; from computer hacking to environmental disasters.  The process includes identifying how and where information is stored, who uses it, where and how, involving the whole organization, not just the IT department and senior management.

Engaging a DAT consultant provides you with the benefit of knowledge and experience based on industry best practices to ensure your information security management system (ISMS) is robust and effective.

Other ISO 27001 ISMS benefits include:

ü  Increased information security

ü  Support for GDPR conformity

ü  Customer confidence

ü  Easy to use risk treatment and controls

ü  Information assets clarified and controlled

ü  UKAS accredited ISO 27001:2013 certification (UK)

ü  Problem solving focus for ISMS issues

ü  IT governance support

ü  ISO 27001 entry barrier removal to new markets

ü  Meaningful performance improvement objectives delivered

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