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News on ISO 9001 2025 the replacement for ISO 9001 2015
02 February 2024 16:30

Updated ISO 9001 quality management standard planning for 2025

In the summer of 2023 ISO/TC 176 SC2, the technical committee responsible for the development of ISO 9001 quality management system standard voted by a simple majority in favour of ISO 9001 revision. The timetable for revision is now more a little more visible.

An article published in August 2023 by the German Society for Quality reveals how significant the changes to ISO 9001 could be and the clauses of the standard that will be affected.

Planned changes to the quality management standard planned cover resilience, supply chain management, change management, sustainability, organizational knowledge and dealing effectively with risks. The basic higher level structure of the quality management standard, similar to that currently in place in ISO 9001:2015 is to be retained.

ISO are pushing for a 2025 release date for the updated ISO 9001. However currently it remains unclear when the first draft revision of the new ISO 9001 will be available. Through our regular news articles we will attempt to keep you up to date on the world's most widely adopted quality management standard.

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