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Sourcing the best ISO 9001 consultant. Establish requirements first!
22 November 2023 11:25

When initially reviewing your ISO 9001 certification options you may be considering the engagement of an ISO 9001 consultant to guide and assist your quality management system (QMS) build. Choice of the right ISO 9001 consultancy is vital in order to achieve a key quality milestone in a manner that adds genuine value. But do you really need a consultant?

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If your organisation is blessed with competent people who posses relevant quality management experience and competence then you may not require the services of an ISO 9001 Consultant. Your organization could self build and audit the result of the QMS then engage a Certification Body to undertake stage 1 and stage 2 assessments leading to ISO 9001:2015 certification.

If your organisation is not blessed with people competent in the development and implementation of quality management systems and you require ISO 9001 certification at the first attempt then it might be time to engage the services of an experienced, established and qualified ISO 9001 consultancy

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