ISO 14001:2015 consultancy

  • Reduced environmental impacts 
  • ISO 14001:2015 certification
  • Easy to use Environmental Systems
  • Reduced environmental impacts 
  • ISO 14001:2015 certification
  • Easy to use Environmental Systems

ISO 14001 EMS Consultancy


Qualification to supply frequently requires certification against ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management Systems certification against ISO 14001 brings tangible benefits to the environment and an organization. UKAS accredited certification of your EMS will demonstrate to interested parties and customers that your organization is environmentally responsible, committed to the reduction of environmental impacts, compliance with, regulatory and other requirements, sustainability and continual improvement of your EMS and environmental performance.

With over twenty years experience helping clients across multiple sectors to achieve first time ISO 14001 certification our team of experienced ISO 14001 consultants are here to help your organization implement a EMS, configured to meet your requirements and environmental objectives. 


ISO 14001:2015 certification benefits

1. Reduced Energy Consumption and green house gas emissions


Reduced use of electricity, gas, fuel and financial costs to power the activities of your organization. Reduced emissions relating to energy consumption, emissions of green house gases and resultant climate change impacts.


2. Improved sustainability :


Through resource efficiency, employee involvement, stakeholder engagement, prevention of pollution, risk management improved supply chains, use of renewable energy sources, innovation and best practices drive towards sustainability.


3. Operational Efficiency:


The identification of process inefficiencies, waste and operational improvements, leading to cost savings, improved resource management and quality improvements.


4. Meaningful measurement of environmental performance:


Quantifiable KPI measurement of energy consumption, water usage, waste streams, emissions, resource use and impacts on biodiversity. KPI Data collection, monitoring and improvement.


5. Regulatory Compliance:


Compliance with relevant environmental regulatory and other requirements, reducing the risk of a regulatory breach and potential penalties.


6. Market Competitiveness:


Enhancement of the organization's reputation and credibility, increasing its competitive advantage. Potential customers frequently prefer their suppliers and service providers to be certified against ISO 14001.


7. Employee EMS Engagement and Morale:


The environment ultimately effects us all. Clarity of EMS content and responsibilities leading to enhanced understanding of employee EMS roles and contributions in meeting EMS requirements. Increased employee engagement and engagement with environmental performance improvement.


8. Continual Improvement:


An ISO 14001 prevention culture of continual environmental performance improvement through participation, EMS reviews, setting and progressing of environmental objectives, regular internal audits, corrective actions and effectiveness feedback loops.


9. Global Recognition:


Internationally recognition of your certified EMS based on independent ISO 14001 certification, this potentially opening doors to broader markets and trade.


10. Factual Approach to Decision Making:


Improved use of data and factual root causal evidence for use in decision-making, leading to fully informed and effective environmental improvement objectives.


Our ISO 14001 and environmental consultancy services include;


'Full build' or 'Start Right' ISO 14001 EMS Consultancy - readying your EMS for ISO 14001 certification. Contact us below to learn how we can deliver a tailored made EMS consultancy package to meet your needs.

ISO 14001 Gap Analysis - establishing EMS gaps, creating plans to achieve ISO 14001 conformity - click here.

First and Second Party EMS Audits - audits completed by our experienced Lead Auditors focused on your EMS priorities. Click here.

8D Problem Solving training - one day course covering effective 8D problem solving - Click here

Regulatory Compliance evaluation services - Checking conformity to environmental regulatory requirements - Click here.  


ProActive ISO 14001 compliance software

Click below to learn more about our ProActive ISO 14001 compliance software. 

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ISO 14001 Consultant selection 

Selecting the right consultant is critical to the early effectiveness of your EMS. The right consultant will work and collaborate with your team and rapidly begin to deliver improved environmental performance.

Our ISO 14001 consultants differentiate themselves through their experience, real life expertise and skills developed across multiple business sectors and challenging environmental situations. This provides the knowledge base from which to establish your regulatory conformity and ISO 14001 EMS certification.

Our consultants retain the experience and ability to adapt to the many varied demands presented by interested parties, regulatory requirements, scoped products, customer requirements, client processes, risk issues and life cycle considerations.

During your EMS build your consultant will coach and encourage your team, enabling them to work with and get the most out of their EMS.

Our ISO consultants are differentiated by the following;

Confidence backed up by qualifications, experience and a proven track record of effective ISO 14001:2015 EMS implementation

Persistent in the pursuit of client improvement objectives

Good listening skills - listens first, talks later

They get new ideas across to the client

They operate a collaborative leadership style when providing ISO 14001 guidance

They integrate with the client's team

They are flexible and adaptable when faced with challenging situations

They are skilled in the application of problem solving techniques

They are able to demonstrate the benefits of effective root cause analysis

Qualified ISO 14001 systems auditor, either as a lead auditor or recognised as competent across a range of EA coded business sectors by leading UKAS accredited certification bodies

Proficient in “risk based thinking” and able demonstrate “risk based approaches"

Team players able to generate enthusiasm within your team

They always learn new things and seek improved ways of doing things

They maintain their continual professional development (CPD)


ProActive ISO 14001 Guarantee

We possess a 100% record for ISO 14001 client certification at the first attempt.

Providing your team is fully committed to environmental management, capable and enthusiastic, ISO 14001 certification is guaranteed using our combined ISO 14001 consultancy and ProActive services.

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