ProActive ISO management software features

ProActive software offers a unique range of standard features to assure your ISO compliance, including:
Dashboard - quick system status review tool
ProActive's dashboard keeps your management system activities on track providing red or green status for key support activities. Direct links provided from your dashboard indicators linked to system activities including open audits, open action logs, outstanding or planned equipment checks, competence reviews and records due for update.
Secure, rapid access via the internet
Access ProActive safely and securely from anywhere with an internet connection using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, on the shop-floor or off-site.
Performance reporting and analysis tools
Run performance reports for action logs, audits and other top losses captured by ProActive. Export and download spreadsheet reports for offline viewing, analysis and reporting of ProActive system performance data.
Documented information suite
Capture and record index your documented information using system document version control, records controls and forms listing and version control.
Warnings and alerts
Email warnings and alerts informing colleagues of actions required for. overdue audits, training reviews, equipment records etc.
Business logo branding
Customise the image of your ProActive installation. Enhance your unique brand by including your business logo in your system documents and forms.
Ticket support system
Ticketing client support system ensures rapid response and feedback relating to service issues.
Software user instruction manuals
In built user instruction manuals providing user information on how to get the best from your ProActive software.
Competence and training
Create, review and update competence and training records in line with your GDPR compliance and personal data protection policies using ProActive.
Action Logs (Non conformities and process improvements)
Record and code non-conformities and process improvements, upload supporting images and code your action logs for measurement and analysis.
Audit planner, schedule, audit action logs and audit reporting tools
Easy to maintain audit schedule and planner provides rapid access to planned, open and closed audits. Audit action logs linked to individual audits for easy reporting of audit performance and audit NCR status. Email alert functions and dashboard alerts prompting responsible team members to establish audit corrective actions.
audit tools
Optional smart phone or tablet app for information download, capture and upload
Easy capture of field incidents and non conformities using your 4G, 5G or wireless connectivity. Download forms, upload compliance checks, field equipment checks, general records and competence information to ProActive directly from your field and/or shop floor operations.
Equipment Control
Manage your equipment maintenance and equipment calibration activities using easy to use equipment control software. Retain equipment maintenance and calibration record. Schedule next check due dates and set email alerts to ensure that your next due dates are not missed.
Equipment Control

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