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ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for auditing management systems a step forward?
26 October 2018 16:17

Auditing standards are often a hot topic amongst many involved or affected by systems audits. The enemy of improved performance irrespective of ISO management standards is always variation. Too often variation in the standard of systems audits provides cause for concern. Confidence in auditing is key to interested parties. Hopefully the latest edition of ISO 19011 will play its part in the improvement of auditing standards.

The latest 2018 edition of ISO 19011 provides guidance applicable to the completion of any type of management system audit, irrespective of ISO standard being audited.

For those engaged with ISO management system audits, ISO 19011 provides a generic standard and framework covering management system audit activity. 

ISO 19011:2018 also provides detailed guidance for audit programmes, the planning and the completion of audits and the competence of personnel involved in the planning and completion of audits. 

Based on the new generation of ISO management system standards ISO 19011 focusses on the risk based auditing, the involvement of top management and the overall results and effectiveness of your management systems.

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