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What role does the ISO 9001 consultant play?
24 November 2023 16:05

The main role of an ISO 9001 consultant is to provide effective client assistance in the implementation of ISO 9001:2015, the international standard for Quality Management systems.

An Effective ISO 9001 consultant will work on a temporary basis as an integrated member of your team, delivering a bespoke QMS or Quality Management System. This will typically include all key processes, and other required documented information under the proposed QMS scope.

The broad working knowledge of your consultant drawn from multi sector experience and the application of ‘best in class technology’ including DAT’S cloud based ISO compliance software ProActive is drawn upon to build an effective QMS that centralises, facilitates and pre-empts your QMS Quality Management System activities.

Effective ISO 9001 consultants liaise with your selected ISO certification body to ensure that your ISO 9001 certification is appropriately coded and fully accredited then scheduled as appropriate.

For more information on how an experienced  ISO 9001 consultant might help your organization click the ISO 9001 consultancy link.