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KEPI International Solutions

"Kepi International Solutions Ltd a specialised construction company with an international footprint engaged DAT Performance Consulting with the intention of rapidly gaining UKAS accredited ISO certification. From initial engagement it was evident that we were dealing with a consultancy business and software service that was highly professional in approach and "user friendly" which is always a bonus".

KEPI International services include surveying, design, infrastructure development, commercial building, civil engineering, facilities management, procurement and construction services in both challenging international environments and within in the UK.

The remote nature of specific aspects of the KEPI business process means that their ISO management systems need to be available, robust, working at all times and supported in remote locations including Afghanistan and Kurdistan as well as in the UK. ProActive provided the ideal solution in meeting this requirement.

The ProActive ISO 9001 software adopted by KEPI is simple, effective and easy use. It provides an ideal tracking system for non-conformities, key documentation, open and completed audits as well as any outstanding action logs.

In 2020 with the business focused on continual improvement, Kepi continues to make effective use of its ProActive ISO software extending its use to cover ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 for information security. Kepi strongly recommends ProActive use to any organization searching for effective ISO management software.


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